Stomach Cancer FAQs: Do your Symptoms indicate Gastric Cancer?

If we look at the world statistics, stomach cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths globally. The prevalence of stomach cancer or gastric cancer in India is lower than in most developed parts of the world. However, certain Southern and North-Eastern parts of the country display high incidences. It is the fifth most common cancer among males and the seventh most common cancer among females in India.

As stomach cancer is quite aggressive and patients are often troubled by late detection, it is essential to understand and look closely for symptoms of the disease.

When the cancerous cells in the stomach region or the stomach lining grow abnormally without any specific reason, doctors call it stomach cancer or gastric cancer. Genetic, immunologic, and environmental factors: there can be many causes of gastric cancer.

What are the Early Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer?

I have frequent stomach problems and indigestion issues.

I am tired of bloating, heartburn, and gas troubles.

I was recently diagnosed with jaundice, and I have trouble eating food.

Often, patients complain of common digestive disorders and ignore them. But, the biggest problem with any GI cancer is that the early symptoms are identical to common GI issues. However, if you can detect the signs in the early stages, a GI cancer surgeon will treat stomach cancer quite successfully.

a). Do you face recurring pain, bloating, or discomfort in the stomach or abdominal area?

b). Do you feel pain in the breastbone?

c). Are indigestion and heartburn a constant problem for you?

d). Do you experience trouble swallowing food? Do you feel the morsel of food gets stuck in your throat?

e). Loss of appetite is a sign of gastric cancer.

f). Do you feel unusually full after consuming a small quantity of food?

g). Jaundice or yellowing of skin, nails, and eyes can be due to stomach cancer.

If you notice any problems consistently, do not resort to home remedies. Early detection of stomach cancer can save you and help you enjoy a cancer-free life.

Does Advanced Stomach Cancer show Clear Symptoms?

The human body has different organs to function optimally. And, they are connected to multiple body systems such as the skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, etc. Each bodily system is interconnected and dependent on one another to keep you alive. So, you may not know there is a tumor in your stomach, and you may experience symptoms elsewhere. fenbendazole cancer

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