The Best Holiday Destinations in the World

From soaring volcanoes to palm-fringed beaches, Hawaii is a treasure trove of flora and fauna. With a buzzing nightlife, a trendy Gas Lamp Quarter and Michelin-starred restaurants, this Pacific isle beckons travellers looking for a taste of paradise.

As the pound hits an all-time high, savviest British holidaymakers are making the most of favourable exchange rates by visiting places where they can get a bargain. Nature-soaked West African paradises are a hot contender, as are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Turkey and Lisbon. Meanwhile, Bolivia’s blend of salt flats and Amazon jungle is proving a hit among intrepid travellers.

The best holiday destinations vary by country, but Tenerife captures the interest of travellers from 13 different countries. Crete and Santorini follow suit, luring vacationers from six and four nations respectively. Ibiza and Sicily also feature in the top search results for two countries each.

Kerala, India, is a tropical gem that serves up hill stations, tea plantations and backwaters. With a host of adventure sports to try, this is one of the best summer holiday destinations for families and couples alike.

Winter in Europe offers bundles of pillowy snow and steaming mulled wine at Christmas markets, plus uncrowded beaches and discounted accommodation. Alternatively, you can head to north-east Scotland, where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Balmoral Castle is open to visitors after her passing. Or uncover hidden gems in Eastern Europe, where mountainous national parks, Ottoman-era villages announced by narrow minarets and sun-drenched Lake Ohrid all await. best holiday destinations

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