The Essential Beauty Salon Equipment You Need

If you’re buying your own beauty salon equipment, or making sure that you’re offering a better experience and more services than your competition, then you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got everything you need.

Here’s what needs to be in your salon:

1. You’ll want the right sort of couches for your clients to lie on whilst you carry out their beauty treatments and massages. What do your current couches say about your salon?

2. Having the right sort of chairs, for treating customers, and for those customers are waiting to be treated is important. You don’t want your customers to be put off because of tatty chairs, or uncomfortable reception furniture.

3. Your salon will need plenty of storage areas for all the lotions and potions, and for the towels and machines that you and your staff use on a regular basis to carry out your treatments.

4. You might want microdermabrasion machines so that you can offer anti-aging treatment, and to promote skin regeneration and for other skin issues. Microdermabrasion works by removing the upper layers of dead skin, and is especially effective on the face, and so is popular in beauty salons.

5. You might want a depilator in order to get rid of unwanted hair. What about considering one that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which kills the hair follicle to be even more effective?

6. What about offering your clients a non invasive facelift, by using a facial and body toning machine? Using a low level of microcurrent, it helps to improve circulation, which helps to leave skin looking amazing, and should prove a popular choice.

7. For effective deep cleansing and toning, why not offer an ultrasonic treatment? This works by applying an ultrasonic current to exfoliate the face and neck, and leaves the skin brighter, meaning that the other treatments you offer can be more effective.

8. Inch loss, firming and anti cellulite treatments can be provided using machines which provide electrical stimulation through pads placed on the body. These work by exercising the muscles and improving blood flow. With different programmes available, there’s bound to be something suitable for your clients.

9. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the lotions, potions and products you need for your other treatments too. Perhaps you already offer nail treatments or massages, and want to offer more treatments or hairdressing for your clients.

10. Don’t forget that men can benefit from beauty treatments too, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the products and experience to provide the treatments that men need. Will you also need different styles or colours of furniture to make your salon more appealing to men? What ways can you think of to entice more male clients, so that they can learn why they need to have regular health and beauty treatments?

Now you know more about the sort of machines and products you need in your salon, have you got the right beauty salon equipment? Accessoires de manucure et de pédicure

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