The Fire Fighting Pump Is a Critical Piece of Equipment

The fire fighting pump is a powerful pressure system that is capable of delivering water or foam in a matter of seconds in the event of a fire. It is a critical piece of equipment that is designed to be operated safely in accordance with local fire management qualifications and guidelines. Regular inspections and testing must be conducted to ensure that the fire fighting pump is in good condition at all times.

A fire pump should be sized appropriately to meet its needs. The sizing methodology may differ depending on the application, but the basic principles are the same. The design density is typically determined by using the sprinkler area method, which is more sophisticated than the standpipe method, or by calculating the water flow requirement based on the building size and layout.

Fire fighting pumps can be either electric or diesel powered. The diesel variety is ideal for warehouses and aircraft hangars where large open spaces can be found, as well as refineries and drilling rigs. They are also used in rural areas where electricity isn’t a reliable option, and they have the advantage of having their own power source (the battery) that allows them to operate independently from the mains when needed.

Hale’s Qmax single-stage centrifugal fire fighting pump offers NFPA 1901 rated flows up to 2250 GPM. The one-piece body enables easier access to the impeller and mechanical seal for routine maintenance and helps to minimize piping requirements. Available with a split shaft, PTO, or drive thru gearbox, the Qmax is built for reliable operation.

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