The Importance of a Quality Fire Fighting Pump

The fire fighting pump is a vital component of an active fire suppression system. It provides the necessary water pressure and flow rates to ensure that fire sprinklers are properly activated during a fire outbreak. While both electric and diesel fire pump can be used to provide a facility with sufficient water supplies, each has unique applications, maintenance requirements, and lifespans based on care and upkeep.

An electric fire pump is a great choice for facilities where there’s already a dedicated pump room or where the pump house is located in an exterior wall. It’s also ideal for buildings where the space for a pump room is limited or restricted, such as warehouses or aircraft hangars. In contrast, a diesel fire pump is best for facilities where the pump is located away from the building. This includes facilities that aren’t equipped with a separate pump room, such as hotels, office buildings, and large shopping centers.

A diesel fire pump is typically powered by a gas or diesel engine. The engine drives a centrifugal pump that generates the necessary water pressure and flows for the active fire suppression systems. A diesel fire pump is also not reliant on electricity, which could go out during a fire outbreak. In addition to fire fighting, fire pumps can be used for other purposes as well, such as high-pressure water transfer, boom spraying, and machinery washdown.

If you need a quality fire pump, turn to THORNADO for the most reliable and cost-effective solution. We carry a variety of diesel fire pumps that are perfect for use on oil platforms, F(P)SOs, FSRUs, and FLNG units. These self-contained and independently operating fire water pumps are designed to meet the harsh offshore fire protection standards and conditions onboard.

Our portable diesel fire fighting pump features a seawater resistant aluminum casing and stainless steel impeller, closed type mechanical seal, and a Honda gasoline or Hatz Diesel engine with recoil start. The engine is mounted in a stable carrying frame, and the flanges are fitted with Storz C-2″ couplings for easy attachment of hoses. The low weight of the pump and the durable frame make it easy to move around on board.

The Millers Falls TWM QWDFT62ES Twin Impeller 6HP Diesel Electric Start Fire Fighting Pump weighs just 35kg, measures 600mm x 500mm x 600mm in its protective roll cage and features rubber anti vibration feet. The tank capacity is 50 litres, and it comes with the option of a range of different hose packages to suit your property. The pump is delivered on a skid to keep freight costs as low as possible, and some assembly is required. We can arrange shipment of the new Millers Falls TWM QWDFT62ES twin impeller 6HP diesel electric start fire fighting pump anywhere in Australia at competitive rates (freight quotes are available on the checkout page).

A quality diesel fire pump is essential for providing your facility with a safe and effective fire suppression system. To ensure that you get the right pump for your application, consult with a trusted and experienced fire pump distributor or installer to learn more about the different options available.

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