The Market for Wine and Beer Collectibles Is Growing

The market for collectibles of any kind – including alcohol and beer collectibles – is as susceptible to economic whims as any market. The surprising thing, perhaps, is that collectibles in all formats remain solid in our current recessed economy. Like other markets, the emerging one here is Asian. Like other markets, the solid one here is domestic. The collectibles market is estimated at $7 billion per annum.

The fact is that many people forget this market. eBay was built on collectibles and has become de facto the world marketplace for collectibles – and one of the most consistently successful websites in the world. Alcohol, wine and beer collectibles are a significant part of the market in themselves, yet still they remain well below the threshold of “what’s hot.” You never know when that can change, of course.

Beer Collectibles tell history

Beer collectibles are underrated as beer signs, beer advertisements and much other beer paraphernalia tell a lot about out past and many items have interesting stories to tell in themselves. For example, when you read magazine ads from the past there are many subtext about the roles of men and women, attitudes toward family, attitudes toward alcohol and lifestyle issues that are iconically displayed here.

Items such as conetop cans display and use technologies that are no longer used but explaining how they were makes for an interesting story. Similarly, the history behind most beer steins is also very interesting and full of stories. Many posters and ads from the pre-prohibition and prohibition eras help fill in the history of this increasingly forgotten yet very fascinating era.

An aging population, a growing market

Industry estimates note that collectors are generally an older demographic. Observers expect the size of the collectibles market to double over the next 30 years as wealthy baby boomers turn to collecting as a hobby and a fun way of investing. Growth in foreign markets will also be appreciable for Western items.

Value is a bonus

Not only are these antiques and rarities interesting they also possess and accrue value. High quality items can increase by as much as ten percent in value every year. As we have seen in recent years, not all investments are great – investment in collectible goods, though, has value beyond its investment. It can be interesting – and of course fun.

Many of these items fall into the realm of relevance, interest and value and so they make a very interesting way of spending your money on an investment. best willamette valley wine tours

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