The MBA – Seeding the World With Leaders

Regardless of what industry you work in, if you are seeking leadership roles, an MBA equips you with the skills to succeed. The degree is a powerful tool that allows you to change careers, advance within your current field or move industries. It enables you to seed the world with leaders at a time when they are more necessary than ever before.

The MBA is a unique graduate program that focuses on developing students as critical thinkers, capable of understanding the complex interplay between businesses and society. This is done by encouraging students to take the lead in identifying business problems and solutions.

In order to complete your MBA, you will need to attend a university with accreditation from the Council for Higher Education in South Africa (CHE) or the European Foundation for Management Development operating the EQUIS quality assurance system for business schools. You will also need to submit a graduate application, transcripts and letters of recommendation. Depending on the MBA program you choose, the admissions committee may also ask questions that focus on figuring out why you want to join their particular program and how it fits into your career goals.

You must be able to clearly communicate how an MBA will enhance your life. You should also be able to illustrate how you will contribute to your classmates in the program. Most MBA programs will share the instructions for their personal statement and essay, so make sure you stick to them. Avoid sounding too naive or dreamy, but be sure to convey your passion and enthusiasm for the program. mba

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