The Role of a Voice Over Artist

Whether it is for a television commercial, audio book, phone system or a corporate narration, many businesses require the services of skilled voice over artists. Hiring a professional can save companies money and time while giving the business the quality of audio it needs to grab the attention of its customers. A skilled voice over artist can bring the brand message to life, instilling trust and building loyalty.

A voice over artist is a performer who reads scripts and interprets them in a manner that fits the type of work they’ve been commissioned to do. The work can range from a single twenty-second commercial to an entire video game. Voice over actors are a unique breed, possessing the acting and performance skills that come from years of training. They also have a range of other soft skills that help them adapt to different types of work.

Some voice over artists choose to join a union, the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), which provides benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and days off. These are perks that can help with the longevity of a voice over career. For example, Jon Bailey, who voices Optimus Prime and several other games on YouTube’s Honest Trailers, is a SAG-AFTRA voice actor.

The most important thing for aspiring voice over artists is to train regularly. Most people start by reading scripts daily to improve their diction and vocal ability. Some will also include a warm-up routine in their practice to keep the vocal cords healthy and ready for recording. In addition to practice, it is a good idea for aspiring voice over artists to follow industry trends to learn what type of work they are most interested in. It is a great way to find new opportunities and make connections in the industry.

A reputable voice over talent will have the necessary equipment to record high-quality audio. While some people may choose to use family members or friends to record their VO, it is not always effective. Not only does using non-professionals often take more time, but the end result might not sound like a voice you are comfortable sharing with your audience.

The main role of a voice over artist is to communicate the script written by the client. It is important for the voice over to be able to convey the tone and emotion of the script without overstating it. Choosing the right words and phrasing for the VO will ensure that it is clear, crisp, and easy to understand. Taking the time to select the best VO talent for the job will allow you to spend less time worrying about the recording and more time getting the work done. Hiring a seasoned voice over talent is a wise choice because they have a wealth of knowledge that can be put to good use for your brand. Moreover, they will know how to capture the right tone and emotion for your voice over.

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