Tips For Buying an Rv Refrigerator

An rv refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances to have on hand while traveling in your RV, camper, or fifth wheel. But browsing through hundreds of options online can be overwhelming and difficult to figure out which fridge is best suited for your specific needs.

First and foremost, narrow down your options by considering how much power each fridge eats up. The more energy it guzzles, the less efficient it is. Then, decide if you prefer a compressor or absorption fridge and how many power sources you’d like it to be able to operate on.

Most modern RV fridges are two-way fridges that can run on either LP gas or AC electricity. And, some even have an automatic feature that switches between power sources depending on what’s available (shore or generator power vs. LP gas).

If you’re buying a fridge that operates on propane, make sure it has vents to expel the exhaust and heat from the fridge during operation. Also, since propane fridges don’t have a defrost cycle, they’ll need to be manually purged of frost and ice.

Another tip is to try not overpack your fridge. This can limit the amount of space where cold air can circulate and cause the fridge to work harder to keep its contents cool. And, lastly, don’t forget to keep the door closed as often as possible. Opening the fridge too frequently causes it to overwork and can damage internal components.

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