Tips for Hiring a Laboratory Equipment Moving Company

As a medical professional or administrator, you know that moving your facility’s laboratory equipment is a complex process. It’s important for the move to be properly planned, perfectly timed, and carried out with precision. After all, there’s no time to waste and no cutting corners when it comes to moving highly sensitive, expensive, mission-critical medical equipment. To ensure the relocation goes as smoothly as possible, you will need to hire a laboratory equipment moving company with the experience and expertise to protect these investments. Make sure you work with the right laboratory movers by following these tips.

Why Hire a Professional Laboratory Moving Company?
Some equipment can cost thousands of dollars and be irreplaceable. If moved improperly it could require extensive repairs or replacements-a cost your facility is unlikely to be able to bear. Because of its sensitivity, this type of medical equipment requires a professional mover that is skilled in moving laboratory equipment. A professional will use innovative moving processes, state-of-the-art equipment, and best practices. Hiring a full-service laboratory equipment moving company also ensures everything is setup and ready to go at your new location-which means you won’t suffer any downtime.

The Best Equipment
Look for a moving company that has specialized equipment for laboratory moves. This should include:
• Custom containers and packaging exclusively designed for laboratory equipment moving
• Packaging that is compliant with state, federal, and medical regulations
• Packing that is in accordance with manufacturer and industry specifications
• AirGlide systems that ensure your equipment doesn’t bounce or jolt during the move
• Packing and unpacking services at both locations
• Disposal of obsolete equipment and hazardous materials

The Best Employees
Even laboratory movers that use cutting-edge equipment and have tons of experience can pose a liability if they don’t also have highly skilled employees. Make sure the laboratory equipment moving company only hires the best employees for their team. Because the medical industry is highly regulated (HIPAA, for example), you want to work with a laboratory mover that performs extensive background and criminal checks on its employees. Also, look for a mover that provides extensive training for its employees on the latest industry standards and technologies.

Additional Services
The best laboratory movers will also offer additional services. Inventory and on-site planning, for example, can be crucial during the move. By having a representative on-site, you can coordinate your laboratory move more efficiently and ensure there is as little downtime as possible.

Hybrid moving services can also be extremely beneficial. A hybrid mover is one that provides laboratory equipment moving along with records management services. By combining these services into one you can save your medical facility money and reduce any liability risks as well. Off-site storage might be necessary if you are moving into a space that cannot accommodate all of your current equipment. Hiring laboratory movers with records storage capabilities can limit the number of times equipment is transported, and also reduce the number of individuals/companies handling your equipment and records.

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