Top Refrigeration Scales

Top refrigeration scales are a must-have resource for HVAC techs, as they help them accurately weigh how much refrigerant is being placed into their refrigeration units. This ensures that the system is working at energy efficient, optimal performance levels.

Considerations to make when choosing a refrigerant scale include its durability, precision, readability, and power options. Other important factors include its weight capacity and warranty.

  1. F2C Refrigerant Scale

This option by Robinair is highly durable and comes with a decent weight limit. It is also easy to use and offers a nice non-slip design. This option is also a bit more affordable compared to others in the list. It also features a hard carrying case cover.

This Fieldpiece scale is great for weighing, charging and recovering refrigerants. It combines modern wireless electronics with rugged materials and can operate in MANUAL or PROGRAMMABLE mode. It can also be connected to a mobile app to document and share jobsite and tank tracking data with coworkers.

This scale is easy to use and can be used by anyone. It is highly accurate and has a good weight capacity of up to 220 pounds. It is also small and compact which makes it a great addition to any toolkit.

  1. Zeny Refrigerant Scale

This is a high-quality refrigerant scale with a large LCD display and backlight to help you read the measurements. It has a durable and waterproof construction to protect it from corrosion and is suitable for all kinds of refrigerants. It also has a full tank indicator to warn you when the scale is full.

This digital refrigerant scale is designed for HVAC technicians who are performing ac maintenance and repairs. It is easy to use and comes with a carrying case for convenient transport. Its auto-shut off feature can save power while the tare function keeps track of the initial weight to avoid confusion. The 9″ x 9″ platform can accommodate different sizes of refrigerant recovery tanks. Its large LCD screen features a background lamp and a backlight for easier viewing.

  1. Vivohome Refrigerant Scale

When you’re charging refrigerants or recovering them from a machine, you need to know how much each tank weighs. Using a refrigerant scale will help you get this information. These are designed to be easy to use so you can get the most precise number when adding refrigerants or zeroing out their weight during recovery.

The Vivohome scale is highly durable and reliable. It offers a great build quality along with a hard cover carrying case. It also has a good warranty that is better than most other options in this category.

The Vivohome scale has a weight limit of 220 pounds which is good enough for most applications. It’s also easy to operate and comes with an LCD screen for simple readings. This makes it a top pick for most HVAC professionals.

  1. Elitech LMC-100A Refrigerant Scale

This refrigerant scale is compatible with all refrigerants and displays the measurements in both pounds and kilograms, eliminating the need for a calculator to convert. Its platform is made of thick aluminum to maintain accuracy over the life of the product. It also withstands automotive rolling overweight test without deformation. Its 9-volt alkaline battery lasts for up to 30 hours, and it shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of unused power.

It features an extra-large LCD display with a backlight and a slip-resistant platform that can handle any size of popular refrigerant tank. The scale’s precision delivers the dependability HVAC technicians need to get the job done right. It’s a priceless tool that can be used at industrial warehouses, private garages, and trade shops around the world.

  1. Robinair Refrigerant Scale

The new slimline refrigerant scale from Robinair offers greater performance, reliability and usability in a compact case. Featuring industry leading resolution with no compromise on capacity, this premium R-134a ACS machine also features an innovative mechanical scale lock designed specifically for mobile service. It eliminates the need to recalibrate when relocating and prevents the internal tank from accidentally powering on, allowing technicians to save valuable time. The scale is stored securely in a special locking compartment along with an internal manifold and extra-long 12′ hoses for easy transport.

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