UniJoin Review

UniJoin is a crypto platform that guarantees the anonymity of users’ transactions. It offers CoinJoin technology to mix users’ crypto assets and provide them with untraceable coins, which can then be sent to their preferred wallet address. Its main strength is simplicity, with users only a few clicks away from carrying out their operations anonymously.

The platform offers the ability to purchase goods and services online, send digital currencies to acquaintances and invest in digital assets in countries where cryptocurrencies are prohibited. It also facilitates the exchange of different tokens and helps avoid centralized middleman fees by offering users full control over their transactions. It also supports the Tor browser, a virtual tunnel that allows users to improve their security and privacy when using the internet.

In order to use UniJoin, a user needs to visit the website and enter their Bitcoin wallet address in the designated field. They must then select distribution and a time delay. The platform then mixes the cryptos in a pool with those of other users, making them untraceable.

Users can then receive their new untraceable cryptocurrency in a new wallet, which is linked to a unique email address. UniJoin also lets users boost the service fee and time delay to bolster anonymity further.

Similar to Coinomize and MixBTC, UniJoin only accepts bitcoin transactions at the moment but says it will soon add Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether. It does not store any logs of users and says that it will only return the coins if the wallet address they provided is correct. UniJoin

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