Upgrade Your Conservatory With a Tiled Conservatory Roof

If you have a conservatory that is starting to show signs of wear and tear then it’s time for an upgrade. There are a few options that you can consider when it comes to renovating your conservatory but one of the best is replacing its roof.

Glass, polycarbonate and tiles are popular roofing materials for conservatories as they each offer their own benefits. For instance, a glass roof allows natural light to flood the space while a polycarbonate roof is more budget friendly. Tiles, on the other hand, provide superior insulation and a traditional aesthetic.

While all of these roofing materials have their own advantages, a tiled conservatory roof is the ideal option for homeowners looking to create an extension that can be used throughout the year. Unlike glass or polycarbonate roofs, a solid conservatory roof can help to regulate temperatures and reduce energy bills. Plus, it provides a more comfortable environment where you can enjoy the space without worrying about extreme seasonal changes or glare from sunlight.

A solid conservatory roof can be fitted to an existing conservatory, as long as it’s structurally sound and has been built with a supporting frame that can hold a tiled roof. Equinox offers a wide range of styles and finishes to ensure that your new roof will blend seamlessly with your existing property.

A solid conservatory roof can also be fitted to orangeries and can help to improve a space that was once used for storage. As a result, it can be transformed into a living room or second dining area. tiled conservatory roof

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