Water Soluble Film Supplier

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked the need for biodegradable packaging, which will boost the demand for medium soluble film. It can be used to package pharmaceutical products such as vitamins, vaccines, and other drugs, as well as food products such as baking ingredients and liquid detergents. This will help reduce the amount of waste generated. In addition, medium soluble films can be sealed with a second film that is deposited on top of the open packet and then folded over, to prevent the products from spilling out and making contact with air.

This type of packaging is ideal for pharmaceutical industry applications, as it provides excellent moisture resistance and gas barrier properties. It is also non-toxic and easily biodegradable. The demand for this type of packaging is anticipated to rise significantly due to the growing pharmaceutical industry in developing countries. In addition, growing awareness about environmental protection and health is projected to drive the growth of the market.

The production process of water-soluble film involves several stages, including preparation of resin mixture, heating & melting, extrusion, and others. The raw materials needed include polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), which is typically prepared by alcoholysis of polyvinyl acetate. The fully hydrolyzed PVOH, in which all acetate groups are converted to alcohol groups, is highly crystalline with strong hydrogen bonding that makes it resistant to dissolution in water. In order to enhance the solubility of the water-soluble film, it is treated with one or more plasticizers that are liquid at room temperature. The liquid plasticizers may include glycerol, diglycerol, propylene glycol, low molecular weight polyethylene glycols, acetone, triethyl citrate, and 1, 3-butanediol. Water Soluble Film Supplier

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