What Are Peptides and Why Should You Use Them

If you’re a health and wellness buff, you may have heard the buzz about peptides and what they can do for your muscles, skin and maybe even your weight. But what are they exactly, and does the science back them up?

Essentially, peptides are short strings of amino acids that (under the right conditions) create proteins in our bodies. These amino acid chains then perform specific functions, from building our muscle mass to protecting us against infection. For example, creatine peptides are well-known among athletes and workout enthusiasts for boosting muscle strength and improving recovery, while collagen peptides help improve skin health by adding elasticity.

Because peptides are smaller and more broken down than proteins, they can be easier for the body to absorb. This also makes them great for adding to skin products and dietary supplements. There are over 7,000 types of peptides in the human body, and lab-made versions have mimicked some of the most popular ones like insulin and ghrelin (the hunger hormone).

Peptides have been shown to boost collagen production, which helps plump and restore skin. They’re also known to stimulate cellular regeneration and boost our immune systems. At Moonstone Skin and Body Care, we offer in-spa peptide treatments, as well as a wide variety of at-home peptide serums that allow you to experience the same skin-rejuvenating results without having to leave your house or wait on hold to schedule an appointment at a clinic.

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