What Is a Bitcoin Mixer?

Bitcoin mixers enable users to obfuscate their transactions by mixing them with other bitcoins in the service’s pool. This enables them to prevent tracking of their wallet addresses and transactions on the blockchain, which can reveal their real-world identity (for example, if they pay someone in bitcoin for pizza or alpaca socks).

Btc mixers are also commonly used by those who wish to avoid KYC regulations when purchasing online. It is important to note that btc mixers do not protect you from bad actors or malicious software, and there are still risks associated with using them. For this reason, it is essential to follow best practices when purchasing online.

Coinomize is a free btc mixer that offers a variety of features, including a modern design and Tor support. It also has a flexible fee schedule and only requires one confirmation to process a transaction. Its privacy policy is also strong and it does not record any logs. However, it has been reported to be slow at times and its fee costs may be high for some users.

Another good btc mixer is UniJoin, which uses CoinJoin technology to mix transactions using bitcoin and other coins. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for new crypto users to use, and it is also mobile-friendly. The service currently supports only bitcoin, but plans to add ethereum and litecoin in the future. It has no minimum deposit amount and fees are typically between 1%-3% of the total mixed amount.

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