What Is a High Precision Balance?

A high precision balance is an accurate and robust weighing instrument suitable for a wide range of laboratory or industrial applications. These highly sensitive instruments have a higher capacity and sensitivity than analytical balances, allowing for weighing of larger samples and bulk quantities with greater accuracy. Waagenet works with top manufacturers to bring you a diverse selection of high precision balances, each designed to meet the specific needs of different laboratories and industries. Consider the exact weighing application before selecting a specific model to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Like any weighing equipment, a high precision balance should be cleaned regularly to ensure a clean environment and optimum performance. This helps prevent contamination, reduces the potential for weighing errors and keeps your results consistent and repeatable over time. In addition, a regular cleaning schedule can help maintain the warranty on your balance and extend its lifespan.

Weighing Capacity:
Unlike a scale, which measures the force of gravity on an object’s mass, a high precision balance determines the precise mass of objects using more complex sensors and mechanisms. These devices are ideal for use in a number of industries and labs, including pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals, as they can weigh small quantities with greater accuracy than traditional scales. They’re also used in a variety of academic environments to shape tomorrow’s scientists and doctors by helping students learn the fundamental principles of physics. high precision balance

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