What Is Silver Judaica?

A silver judaica is any piece of silverware that is specifically used for Jewish rituals and ceremonies. Those that choose to use these silver pieces of jewelry or other objects believe they are honoring their Jewish tradition and practicing the faith in a very beautiful manner.

Silver Judaica has a long history. The Jewish Museum in Prague, for example, has an astounding collection of silver items including Kiddush cups, Hanukkah lamps, Torah decorations, and dozens of other pieces that are used for the observance of the commandments. Silver was a preferred material for crafting secular and ritual items throughout the centuries. But Jewish artisans were not normally allowed to join the European guilds of silversmiths, and this is why so little survived from before the 1900s.

Today, many talented silversmiths work on a variety of Judaica objects. Some of these artists are also known for their secular or contemporary jewelry pieces, but the focus of their Judaica is always on design and functionality. They also take into account the Hebrew language and traditional Jewish symbols when creating their pieces.

For example, Robyn Nichols is a silversmith that specializes in alms boxes and Sabbath candlesticks. Although she is not Jewish, she studies Judaism to ensure that her designs adhere to the Torah and other sacred texts. She also consults with rabbis to receive clarification and answer any questions. This allows her to create unique Judaica that is both functional and beautiful. silver judaica

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