What Time Does Sora Come to Smash?

What Time Does Sora Come to Smash

How long do Sora, Link, Sonic, and other characters have to wait before they get to their smash? This is an important question that has been asked a lot over the years. And the answer is that there is no fixed time for these characters to reach their climax. The timing of the smash depends on the character’s abilities, so there’s no fixed rule about what the right time is. But there are some things that you can do to give yourself an edge.

Sonic Blade

Sora is a character from Kingdom Hearts, a series that features Disney and Square Enix characters. He is a light fighter who is very experienced in airborne combat. His specialized moves include a slash, Keyblade, and a variety of spells.

Sora is a character who has a wide range of recovery options. In fact, he has the best recovery in the game.

Sora uses a combination of magic, blizzard, and thunder. He can lock on to his foe, which makes him great for quick combos. Using a slash, he can catch an opponent’s projectiles and launch them off the stage.

Sora also has an excellent range of Smash attacks. Some of these are powerful, and others can hit other foes as well. These moves have excellent knockback.

Another of Sora’s special moves is the Up Tilt. This attack has a follow-up attack that allows Sora to fling his Keyblade into the air. Compared to other similar moves, this move is weaker, but it is still effective.

To avoid these issues, make sure that you know when to slash, float, and use a recovery move. Sonic Blade is an efficient and reliable way to deal damage, but it also has significant end lag.

Downward strike

Sora is a fast airborne fighter who has an impressive jump. He is also incredibly light. This makes him hard to hit on the ground. However, he has a wide range of special attacks that can help him mess with his enemies.

The most powerful of these attacks is the forward smash. It has a long hitbox and a decent knockback. But it has startup and ending lag. That said, it can still be effective when it comes to combos.

The down smash is also a very powerful move. It can be used to two-framing opponents or to avoid aerial attacks. In fact, Sora can do the same thing with his neutral-special, which lets him cycle through Fire magic.

Having an Up Tilt, Down Throw, and Up Smash are important tools for launching enemies up and down. Their landing lag and landing power aren’t that great, though. Despite their flaws, these moves can be effective for getting out of a bind.

Somersaulting strike

When it comes to Sora, you might wonder what exactly he is. This Kingdom Hearts fighter has a wide range of skills, including a great air game and a very strong juggling game. He also has a variety of committal recovery options, allowing him to edgeguard most of the cast.

Sora’s down tilt is a great choice for starting combos, but it’s not very powerful. He’s also susceptible to vertical KOs.

Sora’s forward air is good for juggling and knocking out. It’s similar to his forward tilt, but the knockback is a lot higher. The lag is also shorter than with his forward tilt, so this is a great move to use when you want to do multiple aerial follow-ups.

Sora’s final smash, Sealing the Keyhole, is a heavy blow. In the original Kingdom Hearts, this was a reference to a Tech Point you could earn if you guarded. The move is a powerful attack, but it only works if you’re not in range of your opponent.

Sora has a variety of committal recovery options, which is helpful when you need to quickly get out of the way of an enemy. His Sonic Blade is a great way to deal damage, but it’s also hard to dodge.


Sora is a lightweight, nimble fighter. His main weapon is a high-speed thrust, but he can also use his keyblade laser to pierce opponents. He has several ground game tools, including a spin attack, that can be used to deal damage or launch foes into the air.

Sora’s Smash attacks have excellent range, and the corresponding knockback is impressive. However, he does have some weaknesses. In particular, his grab is not as effective as it could be, but his range isn’t the worst.

He can launch an opponent into the air using his up throw, but it’s not as effective as it sounds. Compared to the average lightweight fighter’s smash, his up throw isn’t that powerful. This makes him vulnerable to a wide variety of hits, especially from the back.

While Sora’s up tilt isn’t as good as Link’s or Zelda’s, it can be a powerful counter to attacks from the front. Whether or not it’s useful in other situations, it’s a nice trick to learn.

Final smash

Sora is the final DLC character from the Kingdom Hearts series, and he’s finally joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. He’ll make his debut on October 18, 2021.

Sora is an airborne fighter with a deadly juggling game. His attacks cover a wide variety of angles, and his lingering hitboxes can create combos in the air.

Sora’s Final Smash is called Sealing the Keyhole. This move is a powerful one, and it’s capable of shutting the door in your opponent’s face.

The first attack is similar to an Air Spiral. It has a fast startup, a lingering hitbox, and a low landing lag. In addition to this, he can perform an upward strike, a downward strike, and a somersaulting strike.

If you want to get your hands on Sora, you’ll have to wait until October 18. He’ll be part of the Challenger Pack 11, and you’ll have to pay $5.99 for him.

Sora has a plethora of moves, which are all based on the original Kingdom Hearts. He also comes equipped with three classic magic spells.

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