What’s a Good Hair Dryer For Travel?

When packing for a getaway, you need your travel hair dryer to do everything your normal hair dryer does — but in a super-portable size. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the best travel blow dryers to help you get your strands ready for any vacation.

In addition to being teeny enough to fit into your carry-on (and making room for all the other essentials you’ll need on your trip), these compact and lightweight models offer multiple speed and heat settings to meet your needs, and most come with a storage bag that keeps your snazzy new dryer safe while in transit.

Another must-have feature to look for is whether or not a model has dual voltage, which is especially important if you’re traveling abroad. Without it, you’ll need to pack an adaptor or risk blowing a fuse in your hotel suite. And since the dual-voltage models on this list also tend to be a little larger, they might not be as portable as their single-voltage counterparts.

The Revlon travel hair dryer is a good example, and its compact design has earned it more than 68,000 five-star reviews. Plus, its triple ceramic and ionic technology minimizes hair damage and frizz so your strands stay healthy and shiny while you’re on the go. And like the other models on this list, it’s also a breeze to pack because it folds down to a tiny, slim profile. For more recommendations, check out our complete guide to the best travel hair dryers. whats a good hair dryer for travel

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