Whipped Soap UK

Whipped soap is a soft and gentle soap that can be used to wash the skin, hands and body. It also works well as a shaving soap for a luxurious and smooth finish. This whipped soap is made with a mixture of hard oils such as shea butter and non-greasy humectants like glycerin for an ultra moisturising effect. The mixture is then fragranced with essential or perfume oils and coloured using the wide selection of natural colours and dyes available. This whipped soap recipe uses premade bar soap to cut down on preparation time and measurement, and can be easily adjusted with your favourite essential or fragrance oil and colour options. As with all soap making, it is important to always take care with your chosen ingredients due to their high concentration levels and carry out a patch test before use (see our article on this).

To make this whipped soap recipe simply add the premade soap to the lye solution and whisk until you achieve a light and creamy consistency. Then add your chosen fragrance and colour, choosing those that are formulated to be safe in soap. It is best to choose those that specify tolerance in alkali conditions, such as essential oils or perfumes.

This particular whipped soap has been scented with our Cherry Chocolate Fragrance, which is perfect for this make. The top layer has the delectable aroma of richly roasted cocoa and a subtle hint of vanilla that combine to give this soap a sumptuous chocolate flavour. The bottom layer smells of freshly picked and lightly candied cherry with a pastel red colour to make this soap reminiscent of a delicious dessert. Whipped Soap UK

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