Why You Need a Facebook Agency Ad Account

facebook agency ad account
A great Facebook ad campaign requires an experienced team of professionals that understands both the ins and outs of marketing on social media. Crafting and executing an ad strategy is time-consuming, labor-intensive and requires constant vigilance for changes in best practices and Facebook policy. This can be challenging for businesses who lack the resources or skill-sets to manage their own ad campaigns.

This is where a facebook agency ad account comes in. By renting an agency ad account, businesses can outsource their social media management and avoid costly beginner mistakes. A facebook agency ad account is also warmed up for you beforehand, which means higher spend limits and easier access to Facebook ad tools. Additionally, if something goes wrong with your account (ie: banned), they’ll have a better chance of getting you back on track quickly as they already know the Facebook ad platform inside and out.

One 10 Media is an ecommerce performance agency that prioritizes simplicity when creating Facebook ads. They’ll audit your existing ad accounts, launch personalized ads, and optimize for scale without sacrificing cost per acquisition. Additionally, they’ll provide a free replacement account if your Facebook ad account is ever blocked for any reason. They’ll also ensure that your campaigns are consistently high quality and compliant. Additionally, they’ll work with you to create and implement a Facebook pixel that will be installed on your website so that you can track and attribute all Facebook ad traffic. Finally, they’ll help you to develop a compelling message that will get people to stop scrolling and take notice of your ad.

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