Woom Bikes – The Perfect Balance Bike For Your Child

Woom Bikes are designed for kids to start them off in the best way possible – learning to balance so they never need training wheels. Their small balance bike is the perfect size for little hands and features a low seat height, narrow tires and a child-friendly grip and handlebars. The larger 14″ and 16″ pedal bikes have an upright riding position which helps kids to learn how to ride in a more natural position as they grow. These bikes also feature hydraulic disc brakes which provide great stopping power with levers designed to be operated by small children.

As your child grows, the woom fleet of kids bikes can grow right along with them, allowing you to skip the need for multiple expensive bike purchases. This is possible because woom makes the bikes so that you can adjust components to match your child’s size and needs, and they are so lightweight that they can be easily switched between different bikes as needed.

This flexibility is why Outside Magazine rated the woom 2 as their #1 pick for the best kids bike and Good Housekeeping included it in their list of the top kid’s gear! Their review praised the bike’s ability to fit kids from 6 to 14, as well as the fact that the bicycle is 40% lighter than similar sized bikes.

All woom bikes come with kid-friendly features such as narrow pedals, an anti-slip foot platform, a comfortable age-specific saddle and a chain guard to protect your little one’s clothes from getting caught in the chain. They have also thoughtfully included a bar mounted bell, which is quick and easy to operate by a child.

Another nice touch is that woom bikes do not require a battery, so your child can focus on learning how to properly and safely ride their bike. The bikes are also very light, which will help your child feel confident while riding their bike, especially when climbing hills.

For older kids, woom offers the UP 5 e-mountain bike that lets them go further and faster with their friends and family. The UP 5 is powered by a Fazua motor that can be switched to three different modes depending on your child’s experience level and features a hydraulic disc brake system that provides a great amount of control for your child when they are riding uphill.

The UP 5 also comes with a rack which can be mounted on either the front or the rear of the bike, allowing your child to carry whatever they need for their trip, such as a backpack, school bag, etc. This rack is very durable and can be used over time, assuming your child is careful not to damage it.

All of woom’s bikes come in multiple bright colors to spark your child’s interest, and their lightweight construction is meant to be both safe and sustainable. They are built to last and can be passed down to younger siblings or sold on online marketplaces when your child outgrows them. woom

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