Zip Hot Water Systems

A zip hot water system is hooked up to your mains water supply, filtering it to provide instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling – at an affordable cost. The result is great-tasting, healthy and convenient drinking water that quenches your thirst, fuels your performance, and supports you in staying hydrated.

No safe tray, flue or ventilation is required and installation is quick and simple. They’re also more environmentally friendly than bottled water, and can save energy by heating the exact amount of water that is needed.

Each smart under-bench system comes with its own G5 command centre so you can customise the way it works to suit your lifestyle. Patented Zip PowerPulse technology and a high-performance DryChilling system ensure that your filtered water is never heated beyond what you need, saving you energy. And MicroPurity filtration reduces chlorine, bacteria, sediment, bad taste and unpleasant odours — ensuring you get the best possible hydration experience.

Whether you’re a cook, entertainer or a health-conscious individual, enjoy pure-tasting water that makes your favourite dishes and drinks better than ever. And ditch the plastic bottles and slow, energy-guzzling kettles that have been cluttering your cupboards.

There are a range of residential and commercial instantaneous hot water systems available to suit your home or business. The M series is ideal for a low-flow single point hand wash, while the C and D models are designed to cater for medium and high-flow multi-point kitchens and bathrooms, offering temperature settings from 20oC to 50oC (60oC models are available). The All-In-One models allow you to have filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water plus unfiltered hot and cold all on tap.

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